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FinAcc leading pawn shop software in India enables pawnbrokers and pawn shop businessmen automate their pawnbroking transactions in most prominent way with ease of usage. FinAcc comes with bunch of advanced and salient features that makes us stand out in the market as a best pawnbroking software..

It is blended with advanced technologies like Biometric Integration, Face Recognition, SMS alerts etc., Finacc's one touch capabilities makes your basic and frequent business operation at rapid speed and generates statistical and analysis reports which helps you in complete insight of your pawn shop business. Finacc helps pawnbrokers enhance their business at various levels offering them with timely information and alerts. Finacc provides high security for data preventing from any mishandling and third party access. Call us for FREE Demo



FinAcc as being a trusted thorough solution with regard to Finance company, have right now launched FinAcc- with regard to gold bankers or pawn agents. This pawn store software has developed lots associated with features that completely goes away you guide redundancy function, enabling a person with higher security for the datas. No much more manual publications or registers have to be maintained inside your pawn store business. FinAcc’s sophisticated statistical as well as graphical reports provides you with the total insight into your company and the sharp attention into your company good and the bad. Its ease of use capabilities enables you to interact using the software simpler and comfy.

Finacc’s 1 touch abilities with quick working speed provides you with fast evaluation of clients, loans as well as auction standing loans. FinAcc is actually fully incorporated with monetary accounts as well as avoids the requirement for seperate sales packages. FinAcc’s easy to customize features assisted us to determine our client base in most areas. Some from the major areas our software program implemented effectively are Coimbatore, Chennai, Bangalore, Mysore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Erode, Salem, Madurai, Tirunelveli, kerala.
FinAcc has applied best technology on the market and adapts few not too distant future technologies which keeps pawnbrokers about the edge associated with updated technologies. It keeps you reside even inside your absence within the pawn store. FinAcc’s Mobile and WEB enabled > features keeps all pawnbrokers updated concerning the status of the businesss immediately, no matter where you stand. Its sophisticated security restricts the consumer for any type of mishandling, and such mishandlings tend to be immedietely updated for you with mobile enablity. FinAcc allows pawnbrokers with regard to multiple curiosity maintenance. FinAcc’s Photo capture capability for customers, SMS notification facility as well as Finger printing tracking functions are stick out features on the market. FinAcc has undergone various amounts of testing and therefore are 100% irritate free. FinAcc provides free demo for those pawn brokers without any restrictions within the software. You can travel to for additional information about the program and downloading it free demonstration. EMail us or give us a call for additional information about the actual features as well as live on the internet demo as well as free usage inside your computer.


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New Loan / New Pawn Ticket Creation / Edition / Deletion



Customer Creation Details with KYC, Photo, ID Proof, Finger Print etc.,



History of All Loans with Status Live, Closed, Ready for Auction, Auctioned



Complete Details with Interest Accured, Interest Paid, Auction Date of Selected Loan



Complete Details of All Loans and Status of all Loans of Selected Party/Customer



Profit and Loss Statement of Current Financial Year

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Pawnbroking Module

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Pawnbroking Module

Accounts Module

Image Capture Plugin

SMS Plugin

Tally Export Plugin

Repledge Module

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